Skincare Basics

Hey friends! I always get asked about what is the best of this or that. Unfortunately and then fortunately, there is no perfect answer. You have to find what works for you, your lifestyle, wants and skin type. This little diddy will offer what I feel are key ingredients caring for skin in our 20's, 30's and 40's. This is a long and ungrammatically correct one ( my teaching spirit won't let me give you less than all of it ) but I promise, you'll learn something here! At the very least, your skin care routine should always contain a good cleanser, sunscreen, moisturizer and antioxidants. What those products contain should evolve as we age and our skin changes. If you want better results, exfoliating is your friend. As we age, our cell turnover slows and we need to help things along. Exfoliating will help in many ways. The overall look of your skin, the purging of excess skin cells and the effectiveness of our skin care by allowing it penetrate into the deeper layers of our skin yielding better results. Quickest way to improve less than best skin? Moisture. It makes it immediately look better than dry land.

In our 20's (Oh how I miss my near perfect twenty something skin) we can deal with issues like acne, sun damage and oiliness. Being proactive is going to help soften the blow of those terrifying little lines that seem to show up out of nowhere on a random morning. WE WEREN'T PREPARED FOR THIS! It all happens so fast, doesn't it!? The good news is skin care is better than ever and there is something for everyone. The bad news is, the process can be frustrating, overwhelming and pricey. Our twenty something self needs sunscreen for obvious reasons, You want a sunscreen that offers broad spectrum coverage meaning UVA and UVB . UVA causes aging and UVB causes burning. I'll get around to elaborating on different types of sunscreen, how they work and the benefits closer to our beloved summer. Just remind me or ask if you really want to know sooner. As far as acne, you either need preventative care or spot treatment. Salicylic Acid is your ally in this fight. While there are other alternatives, I have found most of my clients had the best results with this acne fighter. Something with at least 2% or your wasting your time. BONUS: it also works as a chemical exfoliant and helps thicken the skins barrier and boost collagen. YAY! Now, my beloved antioxidants. Antioxidants in skincare most commonly come in the form of vitamins A C and E. I could go into the breakdown of these but I'm not writing a book. Or am I? Basically they will help block free radicals (unbalanced molecules -skin agers) and help repair present damage. Vitamin A is form of retinol. Vitamin C helps lighten, tighten and brighten and Vitamin E also has many benefits with the biggest being a protectant. Together, they're a barrier against evil..aging! Now onto oiliness. I know it is a pain to most but be thankful. You will age a lot less faster than your sisters that are dry. Now days it's easy to manage with many options. I will tell you that most people think they are oilier than they are. If you aren't dabbing away the oil by midday, this is modestly oily at best. You're fine. Get a gel moisturizer and smile knowing you don't have to work for the desired dewy look most of us desert faces lust after. Biggest misconception is oily skin doesn't need moisture. WRONG. Oily skin does not necessarily mean hydrated skin. Also, if you don't moisturize, some oily types will see excess oil production because it's thirsty! What will work best is lighter gel products that back off on emollients. Oh hey my thirty something sisters! Here is the decade of revelations. We become who we will be and part of that process is our skin telling the tales of who we were. Unless some one was kind enough to fill you in (you're welcome, yougins! ) most of us did not know what we should be doing. We made the harsh choices of not getting enough rest, probably polluting our bodies a little much and the two big offenders, not wearing enough sunscreen and cleaning our faces properly or when we should have been. Like, every single night before bed. That's ok! There is still hope! It comes in the form of retinols and acids! Serums and creams! Now, I have a lot of information about various ingredients and benefits locked away in my noggin but in spite of my teaching self wanting to share it all, I'll give you the short of it. Retinols and their many forms are the most commonly used ingredients to help improve the texture and tone of your skin. If you want better skin, get acquainted. You want to ease into this program if you have not already used it or have sensitive skin. It can irritate and make your skin vulnerable to the sun. Want specific help or answers with that, ask me. Everyone is different and should go about in the right way. ACIDS. Hyaluronic, Glycolic, Lactic, Salicylic...the list goes on and they all hold their bevy of benefits. I think almost everyone should be using Hyaluronic Acid. It is the butter to my bread! It will give you immediate gratification while helping to bind 1,000 times (!!!) it's weight in water to your precious skin. It immediately plumps and refines the texture of your skin while helping to hydrate equaling more youthful looking skin. The others noted above help along exfoliation and skin renewal. My 40 and above babes..... Now is the time to start the repair process. Things are going to; if they haven't already.. get a little more tricky. All of the above listed items should be used and then some. Peptides are going to be helpful at this point. Peptides are what will help you hang on to that precious part of our skin that keeps things plump and firm. Collagen. Collagen is the structural protein in our skin that holds it all together keeping things right, plump and tight!

NOW....In my opinion we should all be using an eye cream. This is the area we see fall prey to age the most. Because it's delicate, it's different and it needs a little more TLC than the rest of our bods. We want antioxidants in it, de-puffers, emollients, peptides..all of it. Again, questions about the whats and wheres? Ask.

I know this is a lot to read but this is JUST the tip of the iceberg. There are SO many products and formulas and ingredients and choices and it's really hard for the average person to navigate through the endless stuff being pedaled to us. I hope this helps a bit. If you are looking for a little help with products etc, just ask. I'll see if I can help. xoxo Regina

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