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Based in Grand Rapids, Mi finding an outlet for my passion wasn't easy. Makeup has been my passion since I can remember. The days and minutes leading up to my 13th birthday when I would be able to indulge in makeup and finally……LEAVE the house! Bless my mother for her encouragement and allowing me to find my way in those early days. They were not pretty. This was the 90’s and matte brown was the name of the game. But, I made it through! I read every book I could get my hands on and painted every face that dare

a seat in my chair. Marilyn Monroe was my beauty idol and eyeliner

was in abundance!


After several years of self-teaching, I decided to make the leap into

cosmetics via retail. There I was educated on skin, caring for skin and the fundamentals of makeup. I applied all else I had gathered along the way to develop my skill. I completed most of my education from MAC and the company’s exceptional education program receiving various levels of

certification. After a few years with MAC, I made my way into the

freelance market taking every opportunity to learn more about the ever-changing cosmetic industry. My thirst for knowledge and need to get back

into the cosmetic culture lead me to Sephora. There I worked as a makeup

artist and continued my education while expanding my product knowledge in skincare and cosmetics. After a few years with Sephora it was time to focus on freelancing once again.


To date, I have worked in fashion, photography, television, special events and art shows. My true passion lies in every day beauty. I love to help a person feel beautiful and assist in navigating through the intimidating world of beauty. Beyond my family, friends and being a mother to my 8-year-old son, not much else makes my happier than seeing my client smile back at their own reflection. 



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